Currently I am suffering from the valcally abuse by my boss.
The word "beeing bullied" can exactly express how I feel those weeks.
I can't tell how come a person can live and treat others with no love and mercy.
Is it fun to yell at your inferior and make her feel creeping when talking?
Perhaps I have no right to judge her about living in love or not.
But I am truly bullied. That's it!

I am taught to live with love and concern about others.
And I know I have the right to live without fear.
Moreover, I know God is with me and I should not be afraid!
But I am exactly bullied all the time. That's it!

Do I deserve this because I don't know how to yell back and be crafted?
I am confused.
Anyhow, earning a living is hard. I should not ignore that.
Shall I keep suffering this unfair treatment?
Somehow I'll find the way to leave this kinda life.
Now what I can do is praying, praying, and praying.
May God strengthen my mind.
And make me braver to face all the bite from lions and monster.

Why I write all of this in English?
Because my mom will visit here and I don't want to make her worry and suffer with me.



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  • chishin
  • 親愛的<br />
    <br />
    妳看,按照上主的誡命生活的人在上主眼中是多麼珍貴!因為我們為了走祂<br />
    的路而受磨難,而在人間被剝削的,在天上必會累積!<br />
    <br />
    辛苦了~ :)<br />
    (要不要check一個以三位數字聞名的人力資源網站? XD)
  • aegean
  • 就當他是瘋了<br />
    不要跟不正常的 人計較<br />
    就當你做了 件善事吧<br />
    不過工作會受到這種虐待<br />
    也是很倒楣<br />
    恩<br />
    要嗎 積極去申訴<br />
    不要嗎 當作修行<br />
    經過這件事<br />
    你就練就百毒不侵的金剛鳳體啦<br />
    加油歐<br />
    要智慧以對歐<br />
  • tttt1209
  • to chishin and agean,<br />
    <br />
    謝謝妳們 :)<br />
    有妳們的關心和回應<br />
    感覺真的溫暖許多<br />
    ..有力氣繼續向前走真的很重要<br />
    畢竟跟錢過不去的傻事,不是這個年紀有本錢做的<br />
    我會好好想一想的<br />
    <br />
    每天膽顫心驚會被叫去皮卡丘的日子<br />
    還真是累啊... <br />
  • graceyw
  • 可恨之人必有可憐之處...<br />
    <br />
    哈哈~<br />
    過年的時候送他一張卡片吧~<br />
    感謝她給妳的磨練以外,<br />
    溫柔的告訴她希望在新的一年裡,<br />
    能夠有更專業的相處模式。<br />
    <br />
    這張卡片可以證明幾種狀況:<br />
    一種是痛哭流涕,到妳面前負荊請罪,下跪求饒。<br />
    一種是暗自竊喜,大頭症變本加厲,荼毒有理。<br />
    一種是自我反省,承認更年期提早到來,從此祥和樂利。<br />
    <br />
    不管哪一種,重點是妳把球丟回去給這個瘋子了。<br />
    第一種,你以為你贏了?別太高興,小心從此化暗為明,永遠不要相信瘋子的告白。<br />
    第二種,你以為妳輸了?還好~要確定忍耐到在自己發瘋前,這個瘋子的表現會讓高層注意,自然<br />
    會有人"提醒"他。或是先故意把他惹到瘋狂不已,自然會有人出來叫他安靜,畢竟不是他家。<br />
    第三種,多念幾次玫瑰經比較實在。<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />